KV Conveyancing Solution


We are a local, independent letting and estate agency specialising in residential and commercial properties. We fully focus on the needs and priorities of our landords and tenants.

We require a web application that is meant to provide a centralize location for conveyancers, estate agents, and home buyers to communicate, share legal documentation, and complete the various actions required for a smooth property transaction.

Each user will be able to access the application on their own computer via browser and they will access the case they need using their unique login details. The application should allow the users to complete various actions based on their roles in the system: search, create new cases, communicate with other parties, send instant messages, receive notifications, upload documents, make payments etc.

Our aim is to remove the inefficiencies that the conveyancing process is currently facing by ensuring smooth communication between all parties involved and by automating manual tasks.

Contract information

Our Location: Coventry

Sector: Real Estate

Tender information

Publication date:  06.11.2017

Closing date: 15.11.2017

If interested in applying for this tender, please provide us with the below information and we will get back to you shortly: